Exceptional care for an exceptional child

Home care


Life quality

Intrahospital infections decrease

Integral rehabilitation

Doctors and clinics

Rotation and availability of beds

Rehospitalizations Decrease

Recovery time decrease


Emotional stability

Active participation in patient’s recovery

Decreased stress

Medical System

Considerable reduction of bed day cost

Image of positive social impact

Why choose Peter Swuan

Being a home clinical specialist in children with more than 20 years of history and more than 1600 families with excellent results that warrant our attention, makes us today the perfect support for our pediatric and neonatal patients who need the therapeutic effect that causes warmth and safety of your own home.

We have a multidisciplinary team that are composed of technicians and professionals with the experience and training necessary to recover and complete the treatment of our patients in all the regions of Chile.

Loreto Yañez R.

Founder and CEO

“We are committed to continue doing our work well, in order, with responsibility, respect and affection, because we have created a recognition that identifies us and allows us to provide a specialized and personalized professional service”.

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